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Ph.D. student in computer science, interested in overcoming inner barriers, getting through grad school, and in the joy of programming.
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Lead measures do.

We are told to set high-aimed goals

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Reveal its secondary gain.

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You have to clean up your room to write a dissertation.

When Python’s KafkaProducer is simply stuck.

Essence of my setup

from kafka import KafkaProducer #kafka-python package
from json import dumps
my_producer = KafkaProducer(bootstrap_servers='{}:9092'.format('my.server.ip'),
value_serializer=lambda x:
op_id = 1
while True:
my_producer.send(op_id, "hello world")
bin/ — bootstrap-server my.server.ip:9092 — topic 1

Simple suggestions for mini-habits that bring you on the right track day-to-day.

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  1. They need to be ridiculously small. You can do them when you’re tired, when your sad, angry, lonely, running out of time. And most of all: They do not generate an inner resistance. It’s…

Blocking your social media accounts enforces procrastination. Let me show you what really helps.

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These “five types of reading” lead you from the huge “to read” pile towards reading with focus, purpose, and speed.

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Reading the wrong way frustrates and slows you down.

The real progress happens during the breaks, not during the sessions.

Three Tomatoes that represent the Pomodoro technique. In this article, you learn why the magic lies in the Pomodoro breaks.
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Recap: Pomodoro technique

Make Small Presents to the Future You, Photo by Dimitri Tyan on Unsplash

Small actions that make your life less stressed and give you control

Henriette Röger

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